Bail Denied: Common Reasons for Denial of a Bond

Bail Denied: Common Reasons for Denial of a Bond

When most people are arrested, the judge will order a bond amount that they can pay to the courts to get out of jail. The amount of the bond is decided after the judge looks at the criminal charges brought upon you, your criminal history, and other factors. However, sometimes you won’t be given the option to bond out of jail. There are a few causes of bail denial that you should know.

Severe Criminal Charges

Some judges will not grant bail if the charges that are brought upon you are severe enough. For example, murder, acts of terrorism, and rape may not warrant a bail. This means you cannot call bondsmen to make bail bonds knox county oh nor can you pay the amount to the court.

Violation of Probation/Parole

When you are on probation with the state or parole, you will not be given a bond amount to get out of jail if you are arrested. Your parole/probation officer will be notified of the arrest and tell you what to expect from that point. Likely, you’ll serve out the remainder of time that is left on your ‘paperwork.’

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Threat to Public Safety

Bail denial can be made if the judge fears that you are a threat to public safety. There are several reasons why the judge may feel this way. The judge could decide this if you’ve committed a violent crime toward a large group of people or in other serious scenarios.

Most people who are arrested can expect the judge to place a bond on their case. They can pay the bond amount and soon be free from the confinements of the jail cell. However, if your criminal charge falls into one of the above categories, you may not be awarded that privilege.